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The entry signs now read “Public Access Prohibited”.

There are symbols indicating some prohibited activities, including swimming.

Then I saw the tail of a crocodile come out of the water and go back in.

The evidence from the Department was that the risk assessment carried out on Black Jungle Reserve led to the conclusion that the chance of interaction between crocodiles and people in Black Jungle Reserve was low, due to the fact that public access was prohibited, and that the Department did not know about the swimming. After a short time on the public side of the fence the children decided to go further downstream to another similar crossing, located just inside the Reserve.All of the adults (police, rangers and neighbours) who saw the creek that afternoon said that they would not have gone into the water under those conditions due to the risk of drowning.However, children do not always appreciate the dangers that adults see, and as the Officer in Charge of the coronial investigation said: “It was a wet rainy Sunday, the creek was in flood …there were no dangers that they were aware of, so it was a day where they ventured down there to have a swim and have fun.” 13.The evidence before me at the inquest was that the parents and grandparents of the children involved believed that the area where the children were swimming was safe from crocodiles.Although the crocodile was not located, there is sufficient evidence for me to find that it was a saltwater crocodile of approximately 3.2m in length which had travelled into the smaller feeder creek from the Adelaide River floodplain during a period of heavy rain and high water level.

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The circumstances of the death were investigated on my behalf by Senior Constable Mark Grieve who produced a thorough report of a high standard. On Sunday 15 March 2009 Briony Goodsell was playing at home with her younger sister Bethany and her friend Naomi Lang.