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Each citation includes a reference to the manuscript page number (or numbers, as the case may be) on which Darwin’s entry is to be found. Theol: [Brougham 1839] on instinct & animal intelligence very good Endlicher has pub. The bibliography also indicates which works are in the surviving Darwin library.†In addition, if an abstract of the work has been identified in the Darwin archive, its location is given. Watson 1835] read Hume’s Essay on Human understanding [Hume 1750] (Sometime) Dug. lives of Reid Smith & giving abstracts of their views [Stewart 1829] Prostitution of Paris [Parent-Duchâtelet 1836]. Both notebooks consist of two different sections, headed ‘Books Read’ and ‘Books to be Read’, begun at opposite ends of the same notebook, with the text of each written upside down with respect to the other. Histoire Générale et particulière des anomalies de l’organisation chez l’homme et les animaux, ouvrage comprenant des recherches sur les caractères, la classification l’influence physiologique et pathologique, les rapports généraux, les lois et causes des Monstruosités, des variétés et vices de conformation ou Traité de Tératologie, par I. The editors of the have used these notebooks extensively in dating and annotating Darwin’s letters; the full transcript presented here makes this information more widely available.

Readers primarily interested in Darwin’s scientific reading, therefore, should concentrate on the alternate pages of the two notebooks, numbered as follows: the verso of the pages of DAR *119, the ‘a’ pages of DAR 119, the odd-numbered pages of DAR *128, and the even-numbered pages of DAR 128. point of view Henslow has list of plants of Mauritius with locality in wh. Readers should bear in mind that the list of works recorded in the reading notebooks is by no means a complete representation of the books and journals Darwin read. [Jenyns 1838] Prichard; a 3 Royle on Himmalaya types [Royle 1839] (read) Smellie Philosophy of Zoology [Smellie 1790–9]. Wilson 1808–14] Read Aristotle to see whether any of my views are ancient Study with profound care abortive organs produced in domesticated plants what function has ceased to be used as tendrils into stump Library of useful knowledge Horse, cow, sheep [Youatt 1831, 1834, 1837]. The Darwin archive includes numerous references to other works he consulted which were not entered into the reading notebooks. Cuvier 1822] read Flourens Edit [Flourens 1845] read L. Fleming Ditto [Fleming 1822] Falconers remark on the influence of climate [W. Rengger on Mammalia of Paraguay [Rengger 1830]— account of wild cattle Montagu on birds [G. The first of these reading notebooks (DAR 119) opens with five pages of text copied from Notebook C and carries on through 1851; the second (DAR 128) continues the list from 1852 to 1860, when, except for a few odd entries, the record ends. paper by L Beale’s book on Whaling [Beale 1839]— “wide range of whales” mentioned. In 1839, these lists were copied and continued in separate notebooks. Report of the Agricultural Association meeting at Oxford.

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