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And it got us thinking, who else out there in agency land is, as they say, “dipping their pen in the company ink”?To find out who’s behaving and who’s possibly not, behold the that takes a look at the thrills, the dangers and the (often messy) fallout of inter-office romances. All we ask is you be truthful (although you may not have necessarily been in the past!

That said, technophiles should enjoy guessing who Greer's secret source might be.

) The digital publisher behind Smart Company, Startup Smart, and The Mandarin, Private Media, has launched a B2B audience engagement agency.

Bureau has been created to help brands attract and connect with SMEs, start-ups and the entrepreneurial community.

Or, try to share with the public, a little ahead of the story, my thoughts and concerns," he said.

Douglas said he has "reason to believe that no one else has come forward" with a story about him.

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The new agency will offer a research and consultancy service, audience engagement strategies, content creation and distribution, events and […] Last year saw the launch of Magnum Opus Partners’ (MOP’s) internship program, which partnered with RMIT and resulted in an art director and designer coming on board.

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