Water can 20 litre online dating

Posted by / 15-Jul-2016 10:48

At Sakro Enterprises we have given a deep thought about the hassles prevailing with water suppliers and their service quality to our neighborhood and we came up with this unique idea to serve the neighborhood in a better way.

There are also a few suppliers who deliver branded mineral water at a very high price thus making it unaffordable for daily household usage and even for businesses!Primarily used to store mineral water, these are available in in variegated range of shapes, colors and sizes.These water bottles can also be customized as per the specifications of our esteemed clients.Each drop of Bisleri undergoes a stringent 6-step purification process.We ensure you get to enjoy water that not just quenches your thirst, but keeps you healthy as well.

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After receiving a phenomenal customer response, we are now expanding our journey to other localities of Bangalore and to other cities across the nation.